Sabrina M Taylor who?


Who is Sabrina M Taylor? That’s what we’re trying to find out. It’s not easy. We’re trying to put it all in a comprehensive order in one place…but there continue to be updates and it spans more than a decade. It might make the most sense if, after you read this, you scroll down, way down, keep going, and start where we started.

I’m writing this because I believe in truth, integrity, and also because I cannot allow anymore people to give money to a person who is lying. I’m attaching as much proof as I can in the form of screenshots.

Excerpted from Ebony’s FB post, May 28  (Japan time) this was the first of these posts to go public about #sabrinataylorscams. It will be posted in full with photos in upcoming entries.

Sabrina seems like a wonderful person. She’s fun to hang out with. She’s kind and funny. She’s generous. But I can’t be ok with someone who appear to be doing all of this for a living.
If I’m wrong about all of this I will gladly accept all criticism aimed me from everyone.i will shout from the rooftops that I was wrong. Ebony has agreed to to.
We want to be wrong.
We don’t want Sabrina to really be doing this,
I don’t know what’s going to happen when I post this.
She knows where I live.
Will she want to come talk to me? Will she try and leave Seattle? I don’t know.
It’s very unnerving and a little scary.

Excerpted from Lauren’s FB post, May 30 . This was the earliest public post Lauren could safely make from Seattle after returning from Japan. This will be posted in full with screenshots, edited transcript, photos and more in upcoming entries.

Sabrina Michelle Taylor is a grifter who has successfully defrauded no less than half a dozen individuals out of money and property. She targets across a spectrum of individuals but her biggest tool is the network of people she has surrounded herself with. It’s allowed her to invade Queer spaces, Black spaces, POC ally spaces, Queer and Trans inclusive Women’s support groups, Nerd spaces, etc.

Once there she plays the character of a Black/One-Quarter Japanese student on the verge of a life-changing career opportunity. To live abroad and study Genetics at one university or another. She takes on the mantle of the very real struggles a queer black woman has and plays it for pity. When called out by others she decries colorism and doubles down.

Eventually she’ll single out emotionally vulnerable members of her network to let them know there is a problem. Or sometimes an opportunity. Like, her Doctor is willing to get her a year’s worth of prescription at a discount just so long as it’s paid up front and in cash to the tune of several thousand dollars. And she’s successful.

Excerpted from Randy’s FB post, May 30. This was the start of a four-part series of posts he wrote. They will be posted in full with photos in upcoming entries.


The third most hurtful lie Sabrina ever told me is that she “didn’t know how much I was grieving during the trip”. I had just lost a pregnancy, ended my engagement and am in the middle of housing instability, while battling life threatening chronic illnesses. Sabrina knew all of this. The trip was supposed to be a healing experience for me, and in many ways it was. But simultaneously I got held hostage in a tornado of abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, lies, and energy vampirism.
Excerpted a comment Mara (mx jacqueline) left on Lauren’s May 30 post . The comment will be posted in full, with screenshots, in upcoming entries.


Help your friends when they look back and it’s all red flags, for they will need to forgive themselves, to understand the hurt they are processing, to see the road they’ve traveled and then to move forward.

Help yourself when it is you. For you will need to forgive yourself, to accept help, to ask for it even. You will need to be able to focus. You will need to review and understand what you now know. You will need to trust that you can move forward again.

And if you must mourn the living, those who still walk among us but can never be with us again and part of our lives, understand that each mourning process is unique…and that’s ok. You can mourn the living. You can mourn the life you thought you had. You can mourn the connections built on lies that now flutters.

And you will have to. I will have to.

Excerpted from Kathryn’s FB post, May 24 . This was written and posted while Sabrina was still in Japan. It was deliberately vague about what was going on. It served two purposes: to help Kathryn process the emotions raised by Sabrina (and a wholly separate event) AND to lay the groundwork to avoid having to see Sabrina before she left Japan.

I grew up as a shy, geeky African-American girl living in the middle of nowhere. While I put on a brave face in public, I faced many situations in my young life that were almost too much for me to bear and more than any child should ever be asked to. My friends helped when they could but most of the time, what I needed was just someone to care about my well being – something we all need at any age. I firmly believe that my purpose in life is to help others move out of the darkness and find what makes them shine. When I first moved to Seattle, I was on my own and for the first time in my life I was forced to deal with the things that haunted me, that caused my pain and my sadness. A lot of this involved, coming out of my “shell.” And with some coaxing, I found several geek communities in Seattle and worked as a proud and happy staffer at many conventions in the area, and so created the amazing network of friends that I hold so dear to my heart.

Excerpt from Sabrina’s 2013 Gofundme post

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.12.08 PM
Please note: Lori Collins is no longer affiliated with Sabrina M Taylor.

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