Ebony on Sabrina: May 28th 2018

Sabrina Michelle Taylor was in Japan from May 17th to May 28th, 2018. On May 18th, $22,000 was withdrawn from Sabrina’s bank account in America. It would turn out to have been a legal removal of funds owed for an unpaid loan.

Ebony: I met Sabrina online through Lauren in early 2017 when I was making some kind of sarcastic remark on one of her posts. Sabrina soon visited Japan and offered to transport some household items from the states for me. I met up with her a few times after that during her multiple trips to Japan. This last visit she mailed asking if she, Lauren, and another guest could stay at my house because all the AirBNBs in Tokyo were too expensive. I obliged.

The following is from Ebony’s FB post, May 28 at 18:53 (Japan time) this was the first of these posts to go public about #sabrinataylorscams.

I’m writing this because I believe in truth, integrity, and also because I cannot allow anymore people to give money to a person who is lying. I’m attaching as much proof as I can in the form of screenshots

Last Friday Sabrina Taylor a person who I believed was my sweet friend, came to stay at my home in Tokyo. She lost her phone. The next day she logged in to see that her account at Wells Fargo had been cleared out. Those things are indeed true, but almost everything else she wrote or has said since has been a lie. Sabrina frantically mailed when the money was taken out of her account and included a screenshot of the email, the amount was $22,000 not the $26,000 she wrote in her Facebook post presumably to get more money.

Screenshot of Wells Fargo email indicating the $22K removed from Sabrina's account.
The original screenshot Sabrina sent Ebony.  22,000$, not 26,000%

She also never left my living room. She made no attempt to throw herself in front of a train, she was not shaking in a ball, or any of the other histrionics she claimed in her post. When I rushed back home she was calmly sitting on the floor. She refused to call the bank back herself, and so on speaker phone using Skype she authorized me to speak on her behalf. She never threatened to sue them. Her wildly different depiction on Facebook of what was occurring right in front of me set off some red flags.

I mailed our mutual friends Lauren and Kathryn who were helping ,expressing my concern over her behavior. Lauren then informed me that several people had contacted her saying that Sabrina owed them large sums of money.

Aaron’s posts became the first to go public about her scams while Sabrina was in Japan.

Over the week I have done my own research and found that the law firm Patenaude and Felix did not steal her money. She was sued for unpaid private student loans, they were the law firm that took over the loan. She was summoned to court multiple times for the matter, and did not respond. She was ultimately told to pay the company a bit over 16,000 in 2014 which she failed to do. The interest accrued over time and the law firm got a legal order to extract the funds from her account. Everything was by the book, and she is lying about being debt free. Furthermore she has been sued for unpaid rent and also had a warrant released because she did not return overpaid government social benefits.

Ebony later checked with people who knew Sabrina M Taylor. The court cases that don’t explicitly have her middle initial do match up with times when she’d had to quickly change apartments.

I have checked the student clearinghouse and there are no records of her attending the University of Washington now or receiving a bachelor’s degree from them in 2016.

There is no record of her as an employee anywhere on the Fred Hutch research center personnel page.

The University of Kyoto does not offer a PhD in English in Genetics. School begins in April or October, not November as Sabrina has said multiple times. Payments are also made at that time. Are they nowhere near the figures she told people to get money from them. Furthermore she is not enrolled or affiliated with that university in any capacity.

She did not attend Waseda university this summer for Japanese language. She went to a small private language school, KPC, that anyone can attend. It is not affiliated with any major university.

I also know that Sabrina has been contacting multiple people on this trip telling them different stories to get money out of them. She told me she couldn’t get a hold of her parents on the same day her parents wired her a substantial amount of money, which she then spent shopping in Ikebukuro.

Sabrina has borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from at least 2 people, and smaller but still substantial amounts of money from others who I’m sure will see this post and can come forward. The reasons range from school trouble, her niece being taken to the hospital, her brother being arrested on multiple occasions, and needing medication. We have reason to believe these are all fabrications. She brought along all her medications and left them in plain view at my house, none of them are for medications for Multiple sclerosis. Her cane is from some kind of spinal problem that she posted a picture of in 2010 as well.

From Sabrina's Facebook: Photo of x-ray indicating spinal curve

Sabrina also told several people prior to the trip that I am her cousin, through her Japanese Shinto priestess grandmother. I am not related to Sabrina, I am not Japanese, and Sabrina is not Japanese. She has pictures of her grandma from a post in 2010 you can clearly see she isn’t.
Multi-generation shot of a baby Sabrina and her mother and grandmothers
If you see this I implore you to not give her any more money. If you’ve given to her fundraiser for please report it so you get your money back. If you have been a victim of her scams please report it to your local police. I and others are attempting to notify any and all authorities so that she can not continue these travesties against queer people, women, and people of color the communities she claims to support but who she has primarily targeted.



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