Sabrina’s 2013 Go Fund Me

Kathryn: Until a few days ago Sabrina's 2013 Go Fund Me was still up and active. We'll talk about the hell Sabrina put the woman who created the FB Fundraiser for her through later. There's a few reasons it might be down. 1) I reported it. 2) I posted a link on FB and told … Continue reading Sabrina’s 2013 Go Fund Me

First hand account: Elijah, June 2nd

From Elijah Bailey Blagg to Ebony, June 2nd Hi! Okay, I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts, but it’s hard because it was so long ago. But, this is what I remember: I met Sabrina in 2003 through good friends of mine. I could pick up on her lies right away, but they were harmless … Continue reading First hand account: Elijah, June 2nd