First hand account: Elijah, June 2nd

From Elijah Bailey Blagg to Ebony, June 2nd

Hi! Okay, I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts, but it’s hard because it was so long ago.

But, this is what I remember:

I met Sabrina in 2003 through good friends of mine. I could pick up on her lies right away, but they were harmless lies (at first) and mostly I was just kind of surprised at how bad she was at keeping her stories straight. At the time, she was living with a boyfriend named Jeremy but kept telling us they were breaking up. Then, she did move very suddenly and claimed he was stalking her. She got a decent sized apartment on 12th & Harrison and I remember being surprised that she could afford to live alone (none of us could then).

From there she dated a few different women who came and then disappeared quickly. There was always some weird story about it. This was before social media was much of a thing, so we didn’t really know how to connect any dots, but, eventually Jeremy found us and told us that Sabrina had talked him into cosigning over 30k in student loans…and then split.

I started running into her ex-girlfriends who were telling me similar stories. At this time, she started dating a woman that me and my friends really liked and as we were putting these pieces of the puzzle together, we decided to sit this woman down and explain to her what we had been hearing. It was heartbreaking. She said, “so I probably shouldn’t have let my mom co-sign a student loan with her last week?”

Sabrina told all of us she was a pre-Med at UW, but we figured out that was a lie. She also claimed to have a heart condition and would need open heart surgery soon.

She also claimed to have a couple of sisters, that then turned into one sisters that she was visiting in New York all the time. But she was so bad at lying, this was easy to be like, “wtf dude, we just just dropped you off at the airport 2 hours ago…how are you in New York now?” She admitted it was a lie and then threatened to kill herself.

Things started to blow up as more and more folks came forward, and we offered to bring her to therapy to get help. She agreed, but then I caught her lying about going to therapy for her lying and that was when we were all done with her.

During this time she also scammed about $7k out of me.

We reconnected many years later, but she started pulling her old tricks almost immediately, so I decided to keep her at a safe distance.

However, one sweet and hilarious moment of justice was when she accidentally sent me money a couple of years ago. She asked me to send it back and I was like, “you owe me a lot more than this, so I’ll be keeping it, thanks.”

I had really hoped she would change, but I can see now that she just really honed her skills.

Years after we cut off contact, I would still occasionally run into an old ex who would tell me Sabrina had scammed them too. It’s hard to keep track of all the lies she told, but she definitely made up a lot of trauma to connect with folks or make them feel guilty for saying no.

I watched her spend her $11,000 loan in a matter of 3 weeks as her partner at the time was ending the relationship because she had learned what was going on.

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