Sabrina’s Schools

Sabrina continues to claim that the reason various things can't be verified is because of steps she took after being doxxed during GamerGame in 2013. Or, to be more specific, she was "told( her) personal information would be made public including her SNN, date of birth, address, phone number and bank account information." Was she … Continue reading Sabrina’s Schools

Life Online Before SabrinaTaylorScams#

The more her lies about schools she’s attended, degrees she has, and jobs she’s held are proven false the more Sabrina will try to make this about her health. Health will always remain the least refutable claim and the one with the most emotional impact. The more the damage to others in the past is … Continue reading Life Online Before SabrinaTaylorScams#

Short stay in Fairfax Hospital / Social Media 1

Sometime between June 2 - June 4 we got word that Sabrina checked into Fairfax Hospital in Kirkland. To my knowledge, unlike her fake hospital check-in posted on FB, this wasn't posted publicly.  She went silent online. There were conflicting reports of if she was still contacting people for money during that time. If it … Continue reading Short stay in Fairfax Hospital / Social Media 1