First-hand accounts told to Ebony, June 1st

Soon after the posts about Sabrina go up between May 28th-  May30th, Randy and Ebony  started getting messages from people who’d been scammed by Sabrina M Taylor in the past.

Ebony June 1 at 7:35am

It’s been a week of people I’ve never met hitting my inbox to tell me how Sabrina scammed them out of money. Even today I got a message that she is still trying to get money out of people and still claiming I’m her cousin. I have like my whole family on Facebook who will vouch that she is not related to me in any way shape or form.

Emotionally I’m drained because I’m saddened and angry for all the POC, queer, and chronically ill or disabled people she’s done this too. I’m going to carry own though because someone has to see this through. My inbox is open if you need to talk, even if you’re only an emotional victim ❤️ #sabrinataylorscams

Ro Gluck to Ebony June 1 at 1:20pm

Ro Gluck: Hi there, wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve posted (and thereby encouraged others to post) about Sabrina. She took me for over 13k before I got wise, and never went after her mostly because of our mutual friends and her assurances that, as a cic/het white male, nobody would believe me. I have a complete file of documentation of every cent she scammed from me, and would be glad to contribute to any group effort aimed at making sure that she’d never able to do shit like this to anyone else ever again.

Ebony:  Hi I’m so sorry you were one of her victims.

Lauren has conte ted the FBI and is asking that if she has scammed you that you file a report I’ll tag you on that post. The more people who come forward and file a report the better chance we have of shutting her down forever.

Ok it looks like you saw that post

Ro:  Thanks for that. Hope you get some peace going forward.

Ebony: Do you mind if I share this

I’m trying to establish a pattern of behavior

Ro:  Sure

ro Gluck

Lilith to Ebony June 1 at 2:11pm

Lilith: I loaned her lots of cash when she was claiming to be doxxed by gamer gate, and I tried to get it back. After many delays and evasions I got less that 20% back and I gave up on the rest. I can say she did not make a good faith effort to pay me back, she manipulated me emotionally, and now it seems she lied about many things.


Anonymous to Ebony (name redacted by request) June 1 at 4:15pm

Anon: I’m sorry this happened to you, too. I dated her for about four months back in 2004. She took me for 10k. I know she also did the same thing to the boyfriend before me, though I don’t remember his name.

Ebony: I was lucky enough not to give her money but I’m surrounded by people who have and also she stayed in my home and was scamming people while staying with me.

Anon: I’m so sorry.

Ebony: She just got 8 k out of her latest girlfriend and sums in the 100 thousands for another person

Anon: Wow, awful.

Ebony: At the time to you remember what she said the money was for?

Anon: It was a student loan so she could work on finishing her degree.

She also claimed to have MS and a heart condition

And the pretended to have a sister who didn’t actually exist. She would pretend to have long conversations with her on her cell phone

Ebony: Wow It’s really scary the lenths she  will go to





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