Short stay in Fairfax Hospital / Social Media 1

Sometime between June 2 – June 4 we got word that Sabrina checked into Fairfax Hospital in Kirkland. To my knowledge, unlike her fake hospital check-in posted on FB, this wasn’t posted publicly.  She went silent online.

There were conflicting reports of if she was still contacting people for money during that time. If it was a psych stay, the Fairfax Hospital lists cell phones as inpatient contraband.

Voluntary admission to mental health facility means one has the ability to check out at any time and is hard or impossible to reach. At Fairfax, anyone wanting to contact her would have to know her patient code in order to get in touch with her once she’d been admitted. She would have been in control of who that was passed onto.

During this time Kathryn (who had quickly blocked Sabrina on FB) played a hunch that Sabrina hadn’t been able to block her back. Kathryn unblocked Sabrina on June 5th this gave her access to public posts and anything that Sabrina had tagged her or her friends in (mostly anime related posts) over the years.

We’d heard that Sabrina checked herself out on Weds, June 6th. She was still silent online. We started to worry about people being contacted for money.

Kathryn, as @danceseaturtle on twitter (an account Sabrina was aware of) posted a reply on Twitter, June 7th*. Sabrina’s handle is @realafterglow.

Fun fact: You search that name enough and you’ll find that in 2010 she was claiming to be verbally proficient in Italian.

nullthread: .@realafterglow are you going to say something? You owe it to all the people that admired you, wanted you to succeed. That and you hurt a friend of mine. Wishing for healing and reconciliation.

Danceseaturtle: She seems to be out of Fairfax hospital as of last night or so. Is staying quiet. Keep an eye out for her in Seattle, although she may skip town.

Within three minutes of that post Sabrina had seen it. Sabrina wasn’t blocked on Twitter but she rushed over to FB to check if Kathryn still had access to her there. She promptly messaged Kathryn (a lovely confirmation that that info had been correct).

Sabrina: I am not skipping town. My therapist told me to stay off social media. I am trying to listen to her.

Kathryn: You aren’t doing a very good job of it. That was swift.

Sabrina: Yup.

How did you find out I’m out of the hospital?

I should just get off.

Kathryn: Sweetie. I don’t tell you anything anymore.


Sabrina: Please don’t call me sweetie.

I have sent letters to everyone involved.

I will get off social media.

I was trying to get phone numbers.

Kathryn: Keep talking.

(Sabrina then blocked Kathryn)

Kathryn June 7 at 11:22am ·

Why, yes, Sabrina M Taylor is out of the hospital, in Seattle, obviously ignoring her therapist and sending out letters and getting your phone numbers.

She was in my inbox within 2 minutes of me replying to someone on twitter (I’ve been a sea turtle for years and years there). So, confirmed AF and she’s watching everyone’s social media.

So remember: keep receipts. She may contact you by phone (less of a trail I bet…so maybe you should push it to text only) do NOT meet her alone. Only meet her with other people with you in public areas. Do not accept food, drink, or gifts.

Lauren, June 12

So after stealing amounts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars from disabled and POC friends Sabrina is out catching the Janelle Monae show, as you do. No biggie!

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