A year on Instagram: Where money goes

Sabrina didn’t block Kathryn (or Ebony) on Instagram until 12 hours after she said her therapist told her to stay off social media.

In that time Kathryn took Instagram screenshots to compile a quick list of Sabrina’s travels and spending over one year. Do remember, she’s claiming to still be a student and to work at Fred Hutch during this time.

  • 2017
  • June 17-19: Attends Heroes Con in North Carolina.
  • July 1st- July 4: Los Angeles for Anime Expo. Photos also include multiple nights out for oysters, Asian Kung-fu generation concert, land staying at the LA Grand Hotel .
  • July 8- Sept 15: Moves into an apartment in Yoyogi, Tokyo a short walk from the Yamanote line and starts attending cram school for Japanese. Also went to Osaka, Kyoto for the Gion festival, Design Festa, and the Fuji rock festival. Claims to also be working in a lab.
  • Sept 15-17: Side trip to Korea.
  • September 17-28: Finishes up summer in Japan. Sailor moon cafe! Kyoto again! Tokyo Disneyland. Then returns to Seattle….but not after leaving Kathryn with 3 large bags of stuff she can’t be bothered to pack, including some electronics that she’d be able to use in America but wants new ones instead.
  • October 6-10: Tori Amos tickets, Yay!
  • Dec 1-12: Back to Japan! Goes to Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Attends Tokyo Comic-Con
  • End of Dec: Flies to Indianapolis to see family.
  • 2018
  • Feb 2nd: Moves to a new apartment.
  • March 2-March 7: Attends Emerald City Comic Con (Downtown Seattle, no flight needed)
  • March 31-April 2: Sakura-con (Anime convention) also in Seattle, no flight needed.
  • May13 – May 18th: Goes to South Korea with a quick overnight in Japan. Bought and promptly filled a new Ice Bear Suitcase. Took a side trip outside of Seoul.
  • May18 – May 28: The fateful JAPAN trip. Visits Tokyo, Osaka, (Kyoto?) Universal Studios Japan, Cowboy Bebop cafe, and Tokyo Disneyland. Returns to Japan.


Kathryn here: I resisted just stealing Sabrina’s/Realafterglow’s Instagram photos for this.  I did have my own photos. I saw her a great deal while she was occasionally attending cram school in Tokyo.

Here we are at Disneyland. We did all the walking and rides together. I had no idea how scary and focused she’d be about Disneyland less than a year later.


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