Too much information

Ebony June 1 at 10:36pm ·

It was at this point that all of us, Ebony/Lauren/Randy/Kathryn, started feeling the effects of what weeks of sleeplessness, stress, being open to such painful stories was doing to us…and that we had no reserves to prepare us for some of the news.

We’re not professionals.

This latest, combination with information about Sabrina’s past violence, started clarifying our warnings far beyond “do not lend money to.”


I’m sure there are people who remain sympathetic to Sabrina, or who feel like they can help her with the mental health side of things. That’s got to hurt for those of you who are done with her and can’t take it anymore.

If you can (and still function emotionally, don’t put your self at risk) make sure not to isolate those people in a way that makes them more vulnerable to her predation.

Make sure people do NOT to meet with her alone. Stress that they always bring an in-the -know companion. They might argue that this will stress Sabrina out but keep making sure they understand that it’s for their safety.

If they continue to insist, stress that they only meet in public spaces where other people are present. Preferably well-lit places. Stress that they do not accept food or drink or gifts from her.

And we started calling local to Seattle LGBTQ support networks. this is why we often include information and a link to The NorthWest Network offers survivor-centric free and confidential services to LGBTQ victims of abuse.

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