Randy on Sabrina: May30-June 1st

This post contains the second half of part two  and part three of Randy’s four-part FB posting about Sabrina. His first post and a half are here. His original FB part three contained a variety of images in the comments to back up his claims but they can all be found in Ebony’s first post here.

Randy’s redacted names from his FB have been changed to create consistency between narratives. Money1 is now redacted1

Once everyone is ON THE PLANE the jig was up. Ebony posts all the information she’s gathered. Sabrina now desperately wants to clear her name because she thinks people aren’t going to loan/donate money to her. It becomes my job to absorb that aggro while keeping Lauren virtual company on the flight. (They all had wifi). Thankfully they were sitting in different areas. So no matter how flustered Sabrina got, there were many rows of seats and flight attendants between them. The flight attendants are notified. Sabrina begins to suspect that Lauren was THE MOLE who was talking to ( redacted1 ) and convinced them not to loan TWENTY THOUSAND MORE DOLLARS to Sabrina. The woman who made the FB fundraiser is shocked at all of this information and puts a freeze on the fundraiser. I become the proxy. (with my permission) Lauren blames it all on me! I did it! I am THE MOLE! and then become the focus of Sabrina’s aggravation for the remainder of the flight.

PART 3: Receipts and further developments

This isn’t just a “Seattle” thing. This isn’t just a “Comics” or “Conventions” thing.

We have been getting so many reports from victims, but understandably many of them aren’t willing to step forward to contact authorities. Be it embarrassment, or not wanting to revisit emotional trauma, or any of a list of reasons.

If anyone comes forward, please treat them with respect and dignity. These people are reopening wounds when they step forward and relive this. But also encourage them to speak with  authorities. For most, it will be the FBI internet crime division. Every report, every piece of the puzzle helps to establish a pattern of behavior. What follows is chat logs and annotations. No changes were made except redacting one name. ( redacted1 )

(bullet points are text/message exchanges)

  • [S] I’m so sorry
  • [S] OK, so I’m too tired and sick to be delicate about this but I feel like people are still upset about me having a break down the other day and so I feel like I should apologize again.
  • [S] I’m just killing time before I go back to America really.

These and similar comments were a constant refrain in our chat in-boxes that week. Sabrina wanted a constant validation of her actions. She wanted to be forgiven and told everything is okay. But how were we to respond? Every time she apologised for having FEELINGS she was posting elsewhere about how horrible we were. About how Ebony (who according to Sabrina begged and pleaded for them to stay at Ebony’s house) was becoming depressed and angry at Sabrina and declaring that her birthday was ruined. Essentially we became immune to her bleating. This would become important as she was messaging me during her plane trip.


  • Now that the plane was aloft, Ebony begins posting about the scams we had uncovered. Sabrina is in damage control mode and needs to prove herself.
  • [S] I understand that everyone thinks I am a criminal now.  I do not expect you to remain friends with me.
  • [S] I have explanations for all of the issues presented.
  • [S] I do not expect anyone to believe me.
  • [R] Ok. I’ll listen.
  • [R] I won’t interrupt, unless I need clarity.
  • [S] The agony descreoency is because they took money out of my savings and checking.
  • [S] The amount needed is because, as I stated earlier, I get paid quarterly.
  • [S] I am paid through the university of Washington and many academics are paid per quarter.
  • [S] I borrowed money from my friends before this trip to cover helping my brother.  He was facing debtors jail and had to pay fees to prevent being sent to jail.

**Since this conversation, several people have come forward and said that she has used her brother as a character in her scams against them. Alternately throwing him in and out of jail.

  • [S] I was doxed by Gamer Gate and because of that I had many people using my social security number, date of birth and more to open accounts.  Yes, in the past I had debt that was in collections or worse most due to being unable to work because of MS.
  • [S] I have MS.  I get two injections medications per month.  Many people who have MS have different symptoms and levels of intensity.
  • [S] My cymbalta is a commons drug prescribed for people who have MS or fibromyalgia

** This is not the same drug she claimed earlier when asking for prescription money. It is difficult for me to address the MS issue, because as someone with an invisible illness (RA) I feel sketchy claiming someone else is lying. I will however state that she has been very inconsistent when talking about medications, pricing and type depending on whom she was talking to and how much money she was asking for.

  • [S] I told Ebony she was my cousin because she was sad she didn’t have family.  She asked me to help connect her with possible family in WA.

** Sabrina has constantly insisted that Ebony was her cousin when talking about her to other people. This has yet to stop. We don’t understand why she keeps holding on to this lie.

  • [S] The fundraiser, it was my friend  ( FbFundraiser1 ) and Christina’s idea.

** This is actually true! Big hearted people started a fundraiser for her… and once they found out they were feeding a scam shut it down.

  • [S] I was told that it had been stopped.  I talked to Jamie (the fundraiser) and said that I had help and she said she cannot refund the amount.  I asked others if they wanted their money back. I meant to follow up and I just didn’t. I am sorry.

** Not True. Actually she tried to publicly humiliate Jamie for closing the fundraiser. The post was later deleted.

  • [S] Because I was doxxed. I had people had people harassing me at home and work for months after.
  • [S] They contacted me at work and harassed me at school and so I took steps to remove myself from public record.
  • [S] At both locations

** Okay why the fuck not let’s talk about GamerGate. She’s not a game developer. She is an extremely minor person in the comics industry. There is zero evidence stating she was ever a target of any Doxxing. Why does she claim GamerGate? Because she wants to claim that she is/was a student when there is proof to the contrary.

And the National Student Clearinghouse responded with a big fat NOPE not currently a student, but she was a student for TWO MONTHS at UW. You cannot get a Masters degree in two months. She’s alternately claimed a Bachelors on linkedin. Her Seattle Central Community College transcript is similar. many enrollments for only a couple of months over and over.

  • [S] I’m dizzy and so I’m not sure if I am missing anything.
  • [S] My grandmother is Japanese.  She might be mixed with something else.  I have a lot of complexities about my appearance because of colorism and my mom

** It wasn’t always a Grandmother! When Sabrina attended the KCP Language school, instead of a Japanese Grandmother she claimed a Japanese Grandfather! Complete with pictures!

  • [R] Ok.
  • [S] What does that mean.
  • [R] Just that I hear ya. I have a couple of questions if okay?
  • [S] Fine.
  • [R] How much has ( redacted1 ) lent you, in total?
  • [S] $10k. After GamerGate, I has my bank account information published.  Chase deemed me “a security risk” and “held” my student financial aid that had just been deposited.  A lot like how I had just got paid and had all my money stolen a few weeks ago. We are close friends. He offered to help and if so, I could pay him back once I graduated. He didn’t feel comfortable telling Lauren the amount because he doesn’t want people to treat him differently

** This is a lie. The amount is greater than $10k. He told Lauren everything. But yes, he wishes to remain anonymous and will continue to be called ( redacted1 ) in transcripts.

  • [R] Ok, I can understand wanting to be anonymous.
  • [S] My life is ruined by Ebony’s post.
  • [S] My life is over
  • [R] The optics of it all. A lot of borrowing, a lot of spending, and a lot of debt. Lump sum borrowing for the quarter just looks bad. Emergency budget, I suggested that at the beginning of all this.
  • [S] I have one. And I get it but my life is over.
  • [R] How?
  • [S] Because everyone will believe her.
  • [S] No one will stop to talk or ask me.
  • [S] Just like Gamer Gate.
  • [R] What about Kyoto?
  • [S] What about it.
  • [R] You’re set to join a science program with a university next month or so, no?
  • [S] Yes
  • [S] But I’m not doing it at Kyodai.  I got a better offer at UW. I decided to take it. I was going to tell Kathryn and Ebony in person.
  • [S] FHRC is paying for most of my degree and I freaked about living far away and well Japan.
  • [S] I decided to stay. But we never got to talk about that.

** Ok, so once we let on that we know the Kyoto thing not only wasn’t happening, but no such program exists she’s no longer going. She’s going to UW instead. Of course this did not prevent her from recently borrowing money to cover her year’s worth of medication, her financial aid, etc. You’d think the people she was borrowing money from would be told that no, she’s not going to live in Kyoto after all?

  • [R] Ok. I think right now the best way to proceed forward is to assemble a bare minimum budget until the UW thing kicks in. No more loans, no more drama. You told me earlier the next two months rent are taken care of, and you said your folks are helping you out. It may be time for instant Ramen budget

** I’m stalling. Lauren is going to tell her that I’m “The MOLE” at any part of this conversation, so it’s time for budget talk.

  • [S] Uh I cannot.  My parents cannot loan me money until the end of July.*
  • [S] Without ( redacted1 )’s money. I’m Boned.
  • [R] How so? You are a scientist, run the math. Rent through july is covered. What else?
  • [S] Yes. I am a scientist.  That was my money for the whole quarter.  Medical bills, (one of my injectibles is not covered by insurance.)
  • [R] Right but you are not trying to get through the entire quarter just two months.
  • [S] I lost everything.

*(this is refuted in Ebony’s post with screen shots of her parents sending her money)

** “I lost everything” is always her automatic response when approached about a budget. She did it when trying to get 3k from me. She did it to Kathryn, Lauren, etc whenever budget is brought up.

  • [R] And which injectible? Have you checked into a rebate program?
  • [S] Are you kidding me?!??!!
  • [R] They exist for most biologics
  • [R] No i am not kidding
  • [R] RA, remember?
  • [R] They send you a little debit card and everything.
  • [S] It’s the newest one on the market and is the only reason I can walk or talk.
  • [R] Great! the newest biologics have the most extensive rebate programs! They WANT people taking them.
  • [S] You don’t believe me.
  • [R] This is doable
  • [R] Seriously. This is a thing. I’ve been on a program but had to switch back to methotrexate
  • [R] Side effects, yay.
  • [S] I am going to send info to Lauren once I get back to Seattle and I don’t have the bandwidth to prove myself over and over like last time.


** Simultaneously, Her conversation with Lauren as reached a point of “Ok, so prove everyone wrong, send proof of employment / Degree/ etc”

  • [R] Sure. Just look into a rebate program for your bio. I assure you that you qualify
  • [S] You talked to my friebd ( redacted1 )?
  • [S] Why?
  • [S] Why didn’t any of you talk to me or let me explain?
  • [S] He’s one of my best friends

** It’s time for me to take Sabrina’s aggro until they land.

  • [R] Because I am concerned about a cycle of activity and self destruction that I know really well
  • [R] You have options
  • [S] I am having a panic attack on a plane and I need you to listen to me,
  • [S] Right now.
  • [S] I am not lying.
  • [S] I am not.
  • [S] I can, within reason prove all of this.
  • [S] But I need you to tell me what he said because I am terrified and I’m not ok.
  • [S] He knows many of the things you brought up.
  • [S] But I am now really worried he is not ok and I am very very worried about what’s going to happens o me.
  • [S] Please, please please tell me.
  • [S] I am crying and shaking and I cannot feel my arms.
  • [R] ( redacted1 ) is fine. He needed a break. And I think you need a break too.

** This is sort of true? He told Lauren he was going to go get some sleep.

  • [S] That is not what I asked.
  • [S] Please I am not ok without just help
  • [S] I’m not ok without my friebd.
  • [S] Please.  I am trying to bostoer myself with information so I can talk myself down.x
  • [S] What do you mean needed a break?
  • [S] Please randy just tell me if he is going to help me or not.
  • [S] Is he mad at me?
  • [S] Does he think I’m a criminal.
  • [S] Please.  Please.
  • [S] Please.
  • [S] .li only mad if thigh this week and thought I could return because I had a plan and I wouldn’t be homeless.
  • [R] Is this about your friend or the loan? You are sending me mixed signals
  • [S] It’s both.
  • [S] He is my friend.  He saved my life.
  • [S] And I am in crisis right now and he offerd to help.
  • [S] I owe him everything because he believed in me.
  • [S] He was the whole reason I was able to move on with my life.
  • [R] You are not going to be homeless. Your rent is good for two months, your fam is helping you after. We can get you on a rebate program for your med
  • [S] Randy. I need to know what he said.
  • [S] Please.
  • [S] I’m on my knees,
  • [S] I am scared and worried and please.
  • [S] He would not respond to me earlier which is not like him.
  • [R] This is a solvable yet unfortunate situation. You can’t just think about the money. Like you said, he is a friend. So, no more borrowing from him. It’s a lot of money you already borrowed from him. Leave it there and move forward

** This was the last she would ever speak to me.


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