Mara on Sabrina: May 30th

Sabrina Michelle Taylor was in Japan from May 17th to May 28th, 2018.On May 18th, $22,000 was withdrawn from Sabrina’s bank account in America. It would turn out to have been a legal removal of funds owed for an unpaid loan.

Mara (Mx Jacqueline )left this in the comments of Lauren’s May 30th post  Screenshots are at the end of this post.    

*Sorry it took me a while to write all this out and sorry this isn’t more concise (I have a lot of feels rn) but please read in full*

I hardly knew Sabrina at all before traveling to Japan with her, and I didn’t know Lauren, Ebony or Kathryn at all until I went on this trip. if anyone who’s met me through Sabrina would like any sort of documentation about my employment, disability status or anything else I’m more than happy to provide documentation of who I am.

On the trip to Korea and Japan Sabrina introduced me to some lovely people and places – and I don’t regret that. but I’m very traumatized to have known or spent time with Sabrina, even though it was only a couple weeks. I hope that people reading this will have the capacity to believe what I’m saying because it’s the truth and I have absolutely no motivations to lie about anything that’s transpired.

I will try to speak to the facts that I can along with what I’ve witnessed and experienced.

I can speak to the fact that the money in her account was not money she had earned at her job at Fred Hutch, because she never worked at Fred Hutch. To my knowledge she does not have a job. As far as I can tell she survives economically by lying, manipulating, guilting, threatening, gaslighting and scamming.

I don’t condone scamming under any circumstances but to be clear: She doesn’t just scam rich cis white dudes – she’s scammed countless working class people and marginalized people. She doesn’t just scam so she has money to eat. She scams unimaginably large amounts of money out of people and spends it recklessly and selfishly.

It’s been well established at this point that she is not entering a PhD program. She does not have her master’s. She can’t even hold a rudimentary conversation about epigenetics. She can’t hold a basic conversation in Japanese. She can’t say “thank you very much” in Japanese. She was never accepted to University of Kyoto.

The money that was taken out of her account was money she had scammed out of someone who she had lied to. It was taken out of her account legally after she ignored several legal summons.

I was with her DAILY May 10-28th and I personally witnessed her RECKLESSLY and ENDLESSLY spend SEVERAL THOUSAND dollars throughout the trip.

I’ve seen her borrow my phone to text her parents demanding that they wire her money, and then minutes later pull loads of cash out of her wallet and then go spend the day shopping.

I was at Ebony’s house the morning that Sabrina had the money taken out of her account. She was there all morning and was calm. She did not appear to be dissociated or in shock. She never threw herself in front of a train. She didn’t leave the house. As a trauma-informed person who’s extremely educated and experienced around mental health and suicidal ideation and behavior – I genuinely do not believe that she was or has been suicidal. I genuinely believe that she said that to manipulate the situation – a classic abuser tactic. She claimed to be suicidal so that folks would bend over backwards to scrape together money to give her, and so that people would be scared to question or criticize her. According to several people she has abused them by using threats of suicide in the past as well.

Had Ebony, Lauren or I ever witnessed any sucidal ideation type behavior we would have brought her to a hospital or sent her home to the states for treatment.

I have a neurological disorder that is similar to MS and I was fully screened for MS in 2013. Based off what I know about MS and based off what I know about Sabrina I do not believe that Sabrina has MS. MS is a PROVABLE and VERIFIABLE disease. If she has MS she would have documentation and be willing to provide that to folks who gave her extremely large sums of money for “MS treatment”.

After it became clear that she was likely lying about having MS I looked through her meds with my own eyes and none of them are for MS or anything resembling it.

I have several invisible illnesses and am physically disabled. I have multiple autoimmune diseases and I understand how shit can flare-up and then settle down and fluctuate. I understand first-hand that sometimes disabled people can appear completely abled-bodied at times. All that being said I do not believe that Sabrina is physically disabled.

MS and diseases like it are fucking death sentences. If Sabrina has really lied about having MS for the past 15yrs I swear to God I have absolutely zero sympathy for her and I hope that the universe shows her no mercy whatsoever. I was diagnosed with my neurological disorder at 20yo and my life has been a slow and painful death ever since. Of all the lies Sabrina ever told me, her lying to me about having MS is the lie that makes me the most physically ill and distraught.

The second most offensive lie she ever told me was that not only was her mother’s mother full Japanese, but that she was a fucking Shinto priestess.

The third most hurtful lie Sabrina ever told me is that she “didn’t know how much I was grieving during the trip”. I had just lost a pregnancy, ended my engagement and am in the middle of housing instability, while battling life threatening chronic illnesses. Sabrina knew all of this. The trip was supposed to be a healing experience for me, and in many ways it was. But simultaneously I got held hostage in a tornado of abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, lies, and energy vampirism.

Yesterday she said that she would reimburse me for my last minute flight change once she got money from her dad in the states. At the same time she messaged Lauren and demanded that Lauren lend her the money that she had JUST minutes earlier said she was already getting from her dad. My flight change is something that was due to her error and that she had said she would personally pay for weeks ago and never did. I nearly ended up stranded in Japan with no way home due to her negligence and lies.

She’s made so many empty offers to me (that I never asked for) and followed through on none of them. She said she would pay for my flight change, that she would upgrade my flight ticket to comfort plus or first class or whatever the fuck, that she would have her lawyer friend help me get my money from my former landlord, that she would help me with my move-in cost at my new place. She tries to convince people that she’s a caring, giving and generous person but she’s not.

She has little to no regard for other’s accessibility needs or financial burdens. She’s manipulative, two-faced, and rampantly abusive. She has shown no remorse for the harm that she’s caused and she has no plan to ever pay anyone back for the money that she has stolen from them. What she has done has been calculated, purposeful, vile and evil.

Myself and the other folks who can testify to Sabrina’s behavior have no reason to lie about this. I would love for all this to not be the case – the truth certainly wasn’t convenient to me on this trip. It would be much easier if I could believe Sabrina but I cannot.

All of the claims that she said should be proveable. If she hasn’t lied she should be able to quickly and easily provide proof of employment and income, school enrollment, degrees earned, language proficiency, MS diagnosis, and a Japanese grandma. She could also provide a credit report. But she won’t do any of these things and that is telling.

I am deeply sorry to anyone who has been negatively impacted by this person and I’m so sick with guilt and regret for not speaking up and stopping her sooner. Fuck Sabrina. #sabrinataylorscams


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