Past Violence.

We learned that Sabrina Taylor has a history of violence when confronted. An ex, Shane, reached out to Ebony Starr Norwood-Brown. This was shared with permission and no redactions on FB. Screenshots of the message will follow.

Content Warning: Domestic Violence and Abuse.  Self Harm

Shane: Hi

I am not sure if you remember meeting me with Sabrina in Tokyo a little over a year ago. I had black out curtains in a bag for you.

As of Jan 2nd I have had no contact with Sabrina after my friends did basically an intervention with me because of the way she treated me.

A very dear friend of mine contacted me yesterday saying that Sabrina had asked him for rent money and he wanted my opinion. I had severe doubt about her, but do not like to speak ill of people. Instead a told him I would pay him back if she didn’t. Today he sent me a link to your post with a message saying he would not be lending her money.

I am only reaching out because in reading this post and others I am seeing comments that say Sabrina is not violent. This is categorically untrue. I have no idea who to contact to let them know that yes, she can be physically abusive. The last time I saw her she physically assaulted me, threw things at me, broke glass near my head, cut herself and threw blood on me. Moments later she began to video me on her phone trying to provoke a reaction. I grabbed my belongings and went to my sister’s home, my sister lives close to Sabrina, I then went to the airport to fly home to Puerto Rico. I was in Seattle picking up relief supplies since the federal govt had done nothing to help us even though it had been two months since 2 cat 5 hurricanes had destroyed the island But I digress. Sabrina was very angry that I had money but would not give her any and her outburst became violent. I now wish I had done something to stop her behavior, but between the PTSD of the hurricanes, and being physically assaulted all I could think of was to go home.

I have reached out to my friends and family in Seattle with warnings not to give her money, but few know of her violence.

I hope you are able to share this with others to keep them safe.

I am more than willing to talk to anyone who has questions and I will go through past messages and emails if people need to see them. going to send this to a few other people that I vaguely remember meeting

My condolences for what you went through.

Ebony:I’m so sorry Shane I do remember you and honestly couldn’t understand at that time why you seemed annoyed at a person who paid for you to come to Japan, I completely understand now. She has also told people she flew you out of Puerto Rico before the storm hit. I truly apologize for thinking you were the person at fault. Iwane make sure that people aren’t retraumatized so please let me know how I can share this. I’m so sorry.

I’m most worried about Lauren’s safety.

Shane: She did not fly me out of PR before the storm hit. My boss did. I flew to TX I returned home 10 days later. I have a very good support system.

Please feel free to share with anyone.

Where is Lauryn

Ebony: Is it ok if I make a post

Shane: Absolutely

Ebony:  Seattle

Shane:I have people in Seattle that she can talk to if need be.

Ebony:Ok let ask her

She will message you

Shane: She did

I really feel I need to say not one person is always wrong in a relationship. There are things I could have done that maybe would have been better. I just saying I am not perfect, but also violence is never acceptable.

Post Script

The NorthWest Network offers survivor-centric free and confidential services to LGBTQ victims of abuse.


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